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Like any good website, you need content to create your beautiful site. You’ve picked your niche, you created your domain, but you still need to figure out how to get content on your website. That’s where I come in to provide you with programs or affiliate programs that will provide you with what you are looking for. Whether it’s images, logos, written content, or marketing content, you will find them here below. 

You can use many of the free tools listed on this page to succeed in whatever you do and then come back and use the tools that aren’t free to get you that extra boost you want.

Here are some tools you can use to build your website

The tools include:

Image editing

Video Editing

Web Design

Content Creation


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Wealthy Affiliate Sign UpCanva is the most incredible and mind-blowing tool which enables you to create super attractive designs and images without having the use of complicated software. You can easily change the design color by the color wheel feature in canva tool. Also this tool applied on a range of elements including icons, shapes, backgrounds, texts and many more. Furthermore, for layout and editing purposes Canva grid feature can be helpful, in this feature you just have to drop your picture and it works as the frame of that picture and also the range of frame is uncountable. This feature is also used for enhancing and applying different unique filters consistently on images. A text holder feature allows you to place easily any bookmarks and text headers on your design and images but remember to always align your text with purpose. Now what are you waiting for just get a Canva tool and discover how it is to get started in Canva.


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GimpGIMP is also providing a comprehensive tool for performing basic tasks like drawing, color picker, selection, background remover, and many more. In addition to having Canva, this is a free open source software tool that can be used to edit images to design any image you want and then upload it to Canva to create a unique image you want for your website. This an image editor just like Photoshop, but free to use and more flexible in terms of how you want things edited. Unlike Photoshop that can automatically overlay an image which at times does not produce great results, Gimp allows you to do it everything by hand and overlay any image precisely as you want it to be. Also, what gimp lacks from Photoshop, it easily makes up with plugin integrations.


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Photoshop BannerPhotoshop is a famous low priced image editing tool that can easily edit images like gimp does, but has a range of tools not available to Gimp which makes things easier and faster for the user in order to create or edit high quality images. With Photoshop you can use image overlay and image remover which automatically blends your background to the removed part of the image. In Photoshop, you can remove backgrounds, add your own, and do all kinds of things with ease. Adobe continuously improves Photoshop as they find new ways to update their platform and add new features overtime. Adobe is a one stop shop place for for many editing programs from image editing to video editing, and to different visual effects. Since Adobe has an affiliate program it's a great addition to your website for content or ads.

HitFilm Express

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HiitFilm ExpressHitFilm Express is the all-in-one VFX and video editing software, it gives easily assess to top composting tools, cinematic coloring features and variety of visual effects for your video and helps to unlock your creativity. HitFilm Express is a free software, but you will need to purchase packages if you want to do compositing or you can import your own. It is the best free video editing tool on the market which will allows you to edit videos for your website with ease and has the features you need that you can get only from a pro video editor. You can use it to edit professional videos for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other video and social media platform.


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FiverrFiverr is a content publishing website that allows you to request services from publishers around the world. Fiverr content creation ranges between web design, written content, scripts, logos, graphics, design, image editing, voice overs, language translations, video, animation, programming, and so much more. If you need to write a page for your website, and you don't know what to write, you can request services from a professional publisher on fiver. If you don't know how to build a website, you can go to Fiverr have them design it for you at a very low price. You can also become a publisher yourself, or you can promote the platform via affiliate marketing.


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Renderforest BannerRenderforest is an incredible platform that provides high quality content that anyone can use without having to learn complicated editing and without having to have to find the resources you need to upload to your website. Designing websites with Renderforest is fast and easy with already premade templates, and ready to use images, and other content. You can make high quality logos easy and fast with just a few steps in Renderforest. You can design any images which are not available anywhere else for social media and your business whether it's for an ad, a slideshow, a Facebook post, YouTube thumbnail, and mockups completely free. Creating high quality video presentations are a incredibly easy, and all you have to do is add a slide, write some text, add any images if needed, and pick any music which is specifically designed play in 15 second intervals so that it can end at 15, 30, 45, 60 seconds and so on. Instead of just lowering the sound volume at the end like you would find elsewhere, it actually ends at an appropriate times making your intros and outros pop right out. You can create intros, outros, whiteboard animations, video presentations, explainer videos, and so much more with their online video maker. They have an affiliate platform to which you can promote their program and earn 20-25% commissions plus 5% if your commission balance is above $1000, and 5% more if you have $2000.I

Envato Elements

Envato Elements

Ready to use Graphic Assets

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Envato Elements is a free-to-use platform designed for Graphic Designers that use Photoshop, Gimp, Sketches, Canva, and so many other designing platforms. You can download a huge range of Graphics, Add-ons, Videos, Music, Sound Effects, Presentation Templates, Photos, Fonts, Website Templates, and so much more.

With Unlimited Downloads, you can use it to amplify your designing experience and craft your website to be incredibly unique and stylish.



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