EasyHits4U provides you with various means of advertising including: 

  • Free Surfing Exchange 1:1 & 2:1 ratio 
  • Banner and Text Ads 
  • Special Incentivized Offers 
  • Start Pages 
  • Geo-Targeting Advertising 
  • Create Your Own Splash Pages 
  • Easy Rotator

EasyHits4U is a free Traffic Exchange that has been in Business since 2003 and has over 1,752,605 members in counting at the time of this writing, this traffic exchange by far surpasses all other traffic exchanges in terms of a reliable Advertising Platform.

At easy Hits for you they make sure people spend enough time viewing the ad before moving to the next one, and they make sure that you click the right button in order to move to the next page in order to protect people from bots.

They offer random bonus pages, a special prize for every 25 pages surfed (Collect 10 and get 300 credits), surf drawing tickets, and drawing tickets from buying credits.

Also, they offer activity rewards by allowing you to level up to which you gain experience points for completing certain activities so when you level up you get bonus credits, banner, and text impressions.

EasyHits4U offers a referral program to which you can refer people and earn roughly $0.10 per referral that has surfed 100 pages. You get 10% as a free member for every member you refer through Easy Splash Builder and Easy Rotator.

However, the referral program may not give you the power to earn a lot of money from it as a free member, but it does give you the power to gain 30% credits from each referral that signs up and surfs the website. You can also send messages to your downline to encourage them to surf, upgrade, or just promote an offer.

As an upgraded member at EasyHit4U, you get a shorter surf timer, random referrals put under you, bonus credits, and monthly credits. You also get bonus credits for checking the auto-renewal option and also by having your reward level raised by purchasing credits. If you upgrade to ultimate, you also get 50% commissions on all your referrals that you refer through their Easy Splash Builder and Easy Rotator.

Traffic Ad Bar

Traffic Ad Bar Banner GIF

Website Features

  • Advertising based on levels (Up to 17 levels)
  • 2-5 points per click to boost your level
  • 100 points bonus every 25 pages surfed
  • Banner Network
  • Points per referral
  • Banner ads for upgraded members

Traffic Ad Bar is a unique free Traffic Exchange that provides traffic to you in a different manner from any other advertising exchange platform.

This platform allows you to get traffic by ranking up through several different means, and provides a powerful system that allows for your ads to be seen across many platforms.

When you join you get 100,000 points to start with your first link, and then you surf to gain ranks for everyone to your website links you are promoting. If you want more ways to rank up, then you can add their special banner code to your website which will give you points for anyone that sees the ad.

They have a referral program that allows you to get points for each time you refer a person to Traffic Ad Bar, and not only that but you earn commissions for anyone that upgrades. There is a Traffic Ad Bar that you can use with your website which also brings you points per view.

At Traffic Ad Bar you have upgrade options available for you which boosts the number of points you get which lets you rank even higher for more passive visitors to your website.

They have three upgrade options which are Lite Pro, Pro, and Platinum providing you with 1000, 2000, and 4000 Guaranteed visitors respectively. You can upgrade to Pro or Platinum to post banner ads which will increase traffic to your website.

Traffic Swarm

Traffic Swarm Traffic Exchange

This surfing exchange is all bout surfing which offers:

  • You get 1-5 credits per ad you view
  • Bonus Credits every 50 pages surfed (Up to a 1000)
  • 100 credits for each free member they refer
  • Banner ads for upgraded members

Traffic Swarm is a unique free traffic exchange platform that allows people to click and choose the text ad you want to view and earn credits from to which it sends you to view the website from the text ad.

Meanwhile, they have an anti-fraud system set up to catch people with bots by slipping in ads that say “do not click” so that your ads can be seen by real people instead of bots.

If you want to promote their platform you have to have to upgrade to pro if you want to earn any commissions, but referring just one person who gets pro membership gives you a $10 commission, and you get $5 month after month, but afterward, if they stay a pro member, and they pay on 5 levels.

When you upgrade you get 5000 monthly credits vs nothing as a free member, upload images for your ads, longer descriptions, unlimited ads, and much more.

Tezzers Traffic Power

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Tezzers 300x250 Banner

Tezzers has many features of which are:

  • Free Surfing Exchange 3:1 ratio
  • Banner and Text Ads
  • Square Banners
  • Mini Branders
  • Social Branding (Social Profile)
  • Login Ads

Tezzers Traffic Power used to be called Tezzak Traffic Power because it was created by Tony Tezzak in 2009 who is the admin of this free-to-use traffic exchange. It was a unique traffic exchange (although it looked outdated), but he upgraded it to a more modern TE using LGMTE script, and with it the features of Tezzak TE have changed.

However, even though this is not a completely unique Traffic Exchange, it does provide a unique feature that focuses on promoting your brand. This unique feature is called mini brander which allows you to add your logo, your bio, and your main website to the website in order to show it to other members.

But this is not all, they go even further and reward you for your activity in Tezzers by logging in every day, and per 25 pages surfed which give you TezzerPod points. These points determine your Brand ranking in Tezzers and you will be shown on the Tezzers’ front page if you rank top five.

They also have a social profile to which you can post updates for other people to read and so what you’re about, and this will be shown to people as they surf if you rank up in TezzerPod.

This traffic exchange gives you a lot of power when surfing because you not only get bonus rewards when you surf a certain amount of points, but also you get to activate Surf Bonus by logging in and surfing 3 other websites at once which gives up to 50% surf Bonus and up 100% if you are upgraded member in TE Command Post.

You also have a chance to get a Shindig bonus that allows you to get 15% extra credits for one hour of surfing. So this TE has an exceptional focus on activity and engagement, and this allows for more people to surf websites and view your website.


Sweeva Banner Ad

While focused on surfing they offer:

  • Free Surfing Exchange 1:1 Surf Ratio
  • Site of the Day (Start page)
  • Rank up to earn surfing features

Sweeva is completely unique traffic exchange which is more like a social exchange that allows people to view ads, rate, comment, and share their websites on social media. Unlike any other website, this platform is guaranteed to bring the eyes of the viewer on no matter what you promote. This incredible advertising platform doesn’t just bring people to lay eyes on your website but brings complete engagement allowing people to let you know what they think of your website.



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