Creating a Great Website: What Every Small Business Owner Should Know

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A business website is essential for branding and marketing to generate sales. If you’re in an e-commerce business, a website helps you drive revenue responsible for making your company viable or demonstrate your expertise if you’re a service provider. Below are some ideas to help you create a great website for your small business. 

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Get a Good Domain Name 

A good domain name helps your business stand out from others offering similar services. The name should be easy and memorable to help your target audience trace the business website. While choosing the domain name, ensure it is evocative of your brand, appealing to your target audience, and does not have dashes, hyphens, or other symbols. 

Find Secure Web Hosting 

A web host company offers the technology and services that make your website appear online. The web host should have powerful and secure servers, great customer support, and several hosting packages to help your business scale up as it grows. The company should have an easy-to-use interface server to allow viewing the server’s content without hiring a professional server administrator. 

Use a Content Management System 

Having a content management system for your business website is essential as it helps update content easily. Content management systems, such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, offer an effective way to update blog articles. There are different themes correlating with all kinds of sites. For instance, you can go for a high eCommerce site or a sleek corporate layout. 

Optimize Search Engines 

Search engine optimization (SEO) makes your business website visible and attracts more customers. Before creating a business website, you should have an SEO strategy that will direct all visitors to the buy button. To optimize the search engines, you need a sensible URL naming convention, such as using text instead of numbers and symbols that are difficult to comprehend. 

You need to understand the keywords your visitors are searching for and have a mobile-friendly website because they rank in search engine results. You can use Google keyword tool planner or Ubersuggest to generate the best keywords for free. 

Have a Sales Funnel 

A sales funnel is a strategy used to attract visitors to your business website and drive sales that you can create by expanding your mailing list. You should also create a buzz around your website through social media campaigns and creating customer-focused blog posts. Additionally, you should offer special discounts to your customers to make them revisit your website or make it easy to buy from the website by removing any barriers to making a purchase. 

Protect Your Site 

Small websites starting on the web are sometimes vulnerable because they are oblivious to the different ways they can be attacked. You should protect your website by purchasing a web security package such as an SSL Certificate that protects your visitor data. The packages also have threat detection features and firewalls preventing hacker attacks. 

The Bottom Line 

Creating a successful business website is not always as easy as it may seem. Use these tips to guide you through the steps and ensure you create an excellent website that will help you thrive in the marketplace. 

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