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Andrea Anez


Her role is to deliver platform-level information to brands and partners, as well as promote relationship innovation. A wide range of partners, including conventional affiliates, media houses, and influencer groups are engaged with Andrea’s team to deliver the automation, data, and tech they need to enhance their positions in the ‘partnership economy’.

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Which new income approach is likely to be popular in 2021 and beyond?

Investing in relationships, particularly in content commerce, is a great concept for the year 2021. Coupled with falling CPMs, the so-called “death” of third-party cookies has hastened the tendency for publishers to diversify their income sources.

Profits from collaborations can only be generated if there is a strong brand fit that enhances the consumer experience. Providing your users with valuable information at the correct moment is more important than selling ad space.

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If you want to improve your affiliate traffic in 2021, here’s how.

This year, influencer marketing is expected to continue to grow. Customers are more receptive to #ad content as the amount they spend grows. Keep your distance from high-profile, high-priced influencers.

The micro-influencer market is made up of thousands of individuals, each of whom has a certain area of knowledge that is valued. Instagram and TikTok are only two of the many sites where these people may be found. Furthermore, they could be trying to bring traffic your way, no matter what your offering is.


Where to Begin?

Examine the sort of material in which you are a specialist and in which your audience is most interested. Then, consider the goods and services that are most relevant to that particular audience and get started. These companies must be relevant to the material you’re creating, or you’ll rapidly lose your audience.

A CPA (cost per action) is a common beginning point, where you get compensated for the sales generated by your content. The regulations of the program with which you are working should be clearly understood. Do they pay for all sales or only those where you are the final click before purchase? Do they pay more for new customer sales or high order value sales?

To predict your expected revenue, you’ll need to take into account a variety of elements and commercial fluctuations. Never forget that evergreen content may continue to produce sales months or even years after it’s been created, and you can continue to earn commission on these purchases as well. To maximize income streams, it’s critical to strike a balance between evergreen content and material that capitalizes on a single event or trend.

Sirio K├╝pper


Affiliate publisher tracking software company We Can Track, a conversion attribution system that integrates conversion data from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Pixel & Ads, Microsoft Ads, Data Studio, Zapier, and more, is the CEO and co-founder of the business.

“By establishing the approach and then securing the proper resources for creating a continuous stream of content matched to buyer demands throughout all phases of the buying cycle, a content strategy turns the tables on traditional, straight marketing.”

David Beebe

It’s becoming increasingly vital to have a complete picture of conversion performance at the traffic source, campaign, keyword, content, and/or page level. Due to Google Ads and Microsoft Ads’ low-cost, long-tail traffic, advanced publishers may construct highly successful paid marketing campaigns.

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Undoubtedly we have no questions to ask which are unanswerable. We must trust the perfection of Correct retargeting’s importance is becoming increasingly obvious.

So, affiliate publishers will start to create specialized audiences and retarget them with relevant or even personalized advertisements to lure them back into their content and eventually convert by making the purchase.

If you want to improve your affiliate traffic in 2021, here’s how.

New traffic routes like YouTube and Instagram have indeed become increasingly popular, but “old school” channels like Google, Facebook, and Native Ads are still relevant.

As a result, I highly encourage any publishers who do not already use paid ad networks to do so. Properly tracked campaigns may easily create a lot of traffic, or at least break even, and bring in new long-term consumers and subscribers. They can also generate revenues that allow the publisher to experiment with different marketing approaches in the future.

Push notifications are one new trend that converts well and appears to be replacing certain email marketing. A push notification list that visitors may join makes it easy to keep them up-to-date on current deals and discounts.

This will not only encourage consumers to return to the publisher’s material but also increase the probability of a conversion. According to one publisher, this is 400% more successful than email marketing and takes far less time to set up.


Content publishers should start by getting to know their audience, what they’re trying to accomplish with their time, and what they want from you. Identify a specific audience for your content and supply them with relevant information.

Then, seek assistance from the network. Their success managers can help you market the correct programs and develop a relationship with the company. Also, learn about local affiliate networks. As a result of their ties with local companies, they are more likely to respond swiftly.


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