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I was born in Moldova, then lived in Ukraine where my mother died a month before I turned 12, and my grandparents took me in. I moved back with my grandparents back to Moldova, and I for to first time got to know Jesus. Our grandparents got sponsored to come to USA and they took me and my other 3 brothers as well as my uncles with their wives moved to Georgia, USA at the age of 15 in march 1997. I learned about video games and computers in Moldova at the age of 14, and when coming to the USA, I was able to see more advanced computers and games. After coming to the USA, we were given an NES, and we were introduced to a gaming world and I loved it.

As I lived here in USA, one of my uncles died in to first year here from a car crash. Several years later my grandma died in a car crash as well, then a year later my other uncle committed suicide, and 2 years later my dad who was back in Moldova died having been killed by someone who was jailed afterward.

After my grandma died, me and my brothers moved to an American family that had 2 daughters and a son. They had a Nintendo 64 console with Mortal Combat, and that’s where my gaming life began. Since then my life revolved around video games, and eventually progressed in to cartoons and Japanese anime. I played all kinds of video games, watched all kinds of anime, and played trading cards like You-Gi-Oh and Magic to Gathering. In 2013 all that changed as I gave up my games for Jesus who turned my life around.

I was foretold that I would have my own business by a certain prophet, and so eventually someone found me in church proposing me to join World Financial Group, so I joined, but didn’t stay for long. I then joined ACN, but could not find anyone to get to services and join, so I looked online for ways to promote it. So then having signed up for different programs online, I found nothing good that could help me promote ACN. Eventually came a time when I totaled my van, then my boss at my job bought a trailer and put it across from my job and I moved in, someone called me on to phone for an online business which cost me over $300 to start with. They gave me a website called dealsnow.pw, gave me a training course, and I did a lot of them till I got in to traffic exchanges. There I found lots of programs and lots of TEs, and I lost track of the training after losing my first month of free trial in the squeeze page builder site which was expensive to upgrade. I kept my dealsnow website for 2 years till they totally took it down along with the training. Once I got in to traffic exchanges, I was like a kid in to candy store. I joined TEs and websites, surfed a lot, and found many good sites and bad sites. Eventually, I started upgrading mainly to lifetime upgrades costing me thousands of dollars, ending me up with $7000+ in unpaid taxes, kicked out of my job, destroyed bank accounts, and closed PayPal account. I gave up Affiliate Marketing after a year of doing it, and then a few years later here I am back here again trying to give it another go.

During this entire course of looking for a way to become financially stable, I ran in to many scams which included Indian tech scams, marketing scams, and much more that cost me thousands of dollars.


I love God and so I want to help people in any way I can while proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to be able to help people on the streets who don’t have a job start up an online business using just a cell phone.


It’s to become a successful online entrepreneur, to help others in need, and to glorify God. It’s also my goal to become independent instead of living under someone else’s roof. Also, to help others who are struggling to provide, and bring those that are in need of work some income from online business. As well as, helping others stay away from scams, and too good to be true programs.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Be blessed,



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